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Watch TV on your computer


March 16th, 2012 Posted in Watch TV On PC Videos

Watch TV on your computer

25 Responses to “UK TV”

  1. maria42090 Says:

    I am currently in Europe and I can only get BBC iPlayer and itv player to work. TVCatchup states “Your ISP (Rapidswitch LTD) is not compitible with TVCatchup and the other just state that I need to be in the UK! Can you please hep?

  2. TheJeniferjordan Says:

    Hi Demand Five and TV Catchup doesn’t work. Do you have any fix? Otherwise this is fantastic…Cheers Mate

  3. dip0k Says:

    Does this work on Macs??

  4. mosarrof67 Says:

    @dheerendhra No problem :)

  5. abul88malu Says:

    i have to thank you so much, i’m British and live in the middle east, i used to have this but lost it when my computer crashed, i’ve been looking for it for ages thanks

  6. johnalton17 Says:

    thnk’s man it’s work’s but streaming very slow
    any way thk’s

  7. Sanaulfaisal Says:

    Its a great package BUT it appears that it’s so out of date that it doesn’t work anymore. The flash in the browser package is too out of date, no shows will play. I tried updating the flash plugin but seemingly it does no good, I’m guessing that’s because of the way you have the programs isolated.
    Any chance for a current update?

  8. jeniwils Says:

    @Dan8145 That’s exactly what’s happening to me aswell. Hopefully a fix for this will be released soon. Really wanna watch skyplayer here in Oz.

  9. tuntunkun1 Says:

    Hi i’ve got a problem with live watching tv, there is no problem when i’m watching normal programs :( is there any solution?

  10. gandaa123 Says:

    This needs to be updated again. It wants us to download/upgrade flash player.Last time this happened you just updated something and I redownloaded and it worked great.

  11. tomopase Says:

    This software is out of date and no longer works by the way.

  12. raniakter2011b Says:

    @TechTutorialChannel Thanks for that! It does work now, but it still pops a message every time you start Vidalia that tells you that the version of Tor is out of date and please update to the latest version. It still works but I imagine it’s only a matter of time before that too becomes a roadblock. Just so you know…
    Thanks again!

  13. maluk77ali Says:

    @mikeavram I’ll have a look and get back to you :) 

  14. minishimii Says:

    sorry it started not working last night.
    i started up the programme and it showed on the programme it’d be connected to a Tor network, but I checked my ip afterwards and it turned out that it was my original ip, not any from the UK. hope you can fix it asap. many thanks, in advance! :)

  15. mahamud2122 Says:

    @danielj622 I downloaded it yesterday watch rugby game.Today it says tor network outdated. downloaded the new one from the site.Can’t view flash.Can’t get it to work with firefox on computer.Can you help me figure it out?

  16. mamunurable Says:

    @danielj622 Hi, just updated it thanks for letting me know. You’ll have to re-download it from the site but it should work fine :)

  17. lallu11421 Says:


  18. 7770man Says:

    Only work on certain sites?

  19. armanispstl Says:

    is there a mac solution?

  20. TheSaman888 Says:

    I get the message to update the TOR software, but how is this going to work with this nice package?? NB. BBC and ITV work, but Channel 5 does not want to play, as it does recognise that I am not in UK. Also the catch up channel did not want to play. For SKY it looks like I need an account. Anyway my question is about the update for TOR

  21. jarajulia Says:

    4od doesnt work… any chance of this please???

  22. 91eve91 Says:

    oh my God thank you so much, im a british citizen living in the US and cant wait to move back to england

  23. jenibrandon Says:

    @jamestaylor2 Unless you know how to adjust all the settings (I don’t), do NOT ever
    update Tor or Firefox when prompted. Your best bet is to delete the folder
    where you’ve got the package installed and start over with a fresh copy.

  24. MrMhrasel Says:

    @frisky48 you know way to get bbc iplayer for free??

  25. jindegi66 Says:

    What the FUCK!?!?

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